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The Wildlife Trusts

The Wildlife Trusts are 47 local regional offices that are scattered throughout the Isle of Man and Aldeney and mainland UK with an aim to protect wildlife so that citizens can enjoy the spectacular sights of natural environments complete with natural wildlife.

With an official vision to provide a wildlife rich environment for every UK citizen alongside a mission that aims to preserve and rebuild the natural ecosystem the Wildlife Trusts attacks its projects by building public awareness and organizing the work of highly motivated and environmentally aware volunteers.

The Wildlife Trusts manage over 900,000 hectares of land that make up 2,256 nature reserves protecting the wildlife within them and promoting the efforts of the trust members to inspire visitors and local citizens to think about the natural world that surrounds them.

With about 765,000 members the Wildlife Trusts is one of the largest volunteer charity organizations that provide natural UK habitats and species across the cities, sea, and countryside.  Additionally, the organization also aims to get youths thinking about conservation and wildlife issues as well and currently boasts a membership of over 150,000 youth members in the junior branch, Wildlife Watch.

While the Wildlife Trusts are all volunteer organizations, the programmes and educational initiatives that they provide throughout the UK are funded by membership in the Royal Society of Wildlife Trusts which receives grant funding from the Landfill Communities Fund and the Big Lottery Fund.

Additionally, the Wildlife Trusts also aims to support sustainable efforts to aid the conservation efforts of wildlife environments by educating the public and conducting studies to help citizens learn how to conserve energy and save the natural world.